The system saves time, is more
professional and increases accuracy
over a paper-based system.

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– Checkmate Inventory System
Electronically record inventory items and upload to central database

A member of staff may visit several sites a day and walk around each cataloguing items to be moved and their respective sizes. The current paper-based system is time-consuming and inaccurate and requires data to be entered manually into a computer. All inventories must be viewable onsite and signed off by the client. The Inventory must be transferred into a central database the same day which proves logistically impossible on many occasions. Uploaded information is used to create accurate quotation/invoice/paperwork on the same working day as the inventory was recorded.

A bespoke desktop application which runs on an acer touch-screen device. Client/job information is downloaded over the internet via a secure connection at the start of the day. The system allows for input of inventory items via an easy touch-screen interface in either cubic feet or cubic metres. Inventory items can be modified/deleted as necessary. Once created, the inventory can be signed off by the client on the touch-screen device. At any point throughout the day, information can be uploaded over the internet via a secure connection to a central database to produce relevant paperwork. Devices can be disabled from a central location in the event of loss or theft.

The system saves time and increases accuracy over a paper-based system. The ability to take and store a signatures digitally increases efficiency over a traditional computer interface where paperwork may hold up the process. Information is available quickly where it is needed and the process is slick and very professional for the client. Data is more secure as paperwork does not exist so cannot be lost and devices can be disabled centrally further increasing security.
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