REDUCE the administrative
and financial headaches
in your business

Now you can take control of your administrative and financial processes and devote more time to building a profitable business.

IN CONTROL is a highly effective Customer Relationship Management system designed to empower your business.

Unlike standard off-the-shelf applications which force your company to fit around the application, IN CONTROL is tailored specifically to your company.? You will only pay for the modules you need leaving your system and budget free for other areas.

Corinium Solutions will appoint one of its own experienced consultants to analyse your business processes and needs.? We will then recommend specific modules which will benefit you and your business and tailor them precisely to the way you work.

IN CONTROL integrates with Quickbooks allowing you to work with our experienced accounting associate offering services that reduce your financial workload in areas such as invoicing and credit control.

IN CONTROL is a complete solution improving the efficiency of key financial and administrative processes.

It's tailored totally to your needs. So, if your needs change at any stage in the future, we're here to change your business software leaving you free from the normal IT constraints and truly IN CONTROL of your business.

IN CONTROL gives you more control of your business in the following key areas:
bullet point  CRM
bullet point  Stock control
bullet point  Invoicing
bullet point  Quotations
bullet point  Contact management
bullet point  Statistical analysis
bullet point  Comms log
bullet point  Opportunity management
bullet point  Despatch
bullet point  Goods In
bullet point  Reporting
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